We are pretty serious about our coffee here in Aryaland.  We even have some that we claim as our own.  The main one is the Flat White.  It is what I drink and we do not try and ruin it with weird flavourings and additives.  It is just two shots of coffee with plenty of steamed milk.  So good.

Now, as I stand on this Segway, which is a pose item from Image Essentials, I don't think one would order a flat white at a cafe if you had just whizzed into town on this bad boy.  This is more of the vehicle of an affogato drinker.  Oh yes.  "One does not just have any old coffee.  One requires coffee and icecream, thank you!"

Whatever coffee you drink, or indeed none at all, this is the pose prop for you.  You can even change the colour to suit the outfit.  Bonus.

Outfit:  Mimikri - Trish - Cropped Floral Pants and Lace Top (Tres Chic)
Shoes:  fame femme: Terra transparent heels - White (Tres Chic)
Hair:  Clawtooth: Cherry Bomb - Essentials Pack (Fifty Linden Friday)
Location:  Best of SL Boulevard

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