Garden Dreams


I wish my garden looked like this in RL, but due to my lack of green thumbs and general disdain for gardening it is probably not likely.  The thing I love about SL garden makeovers is that there is no weeding.  Weeding sucks.  I make a garden in SL and it stays that way for as long as I need it to.  Perfect.

All of these fab items, from a variety of stores, are just perfect for the outdoors and a few would even work indoors too.  No worries about fading or weather in SL!

Caravan:  brocante. vintage camper / pink RARE (The Arcade)
Seat:  Serenity Style- Lovely Spring Hanging Bench with swing on sit (The Liaison Collaborative)
Cat Beanbag:  [ zerkalo ] Kitty BeanBag - PG (The Crossroads)
Beanbag:  [ zerkalo ] Lazy Days BeanBag - PG (Kustom 9)
Serenity Style- Rust Old Car  RED materials (The Avenue)

Bunnies:  Serenity Style- My Pretty Wooden Bunnie - Heart  Floral and Bucket Pink (The Crossroads)
Planted Tulips:  Serenity Style- Lovely Spring Tulips (TLC)
Food Items:  [ zerkalo ] Yammies - Bowl with Icecream, Croissant & Jam and Napkin (The Arcade)
Planter:  {what next}  'Spring Bloom' Tulip Planter - pale pink (see above photo) and white/pink (Fifty Linden Friday - but still out)

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