Light and Love


I love it when you can get the light to flow through a window like this with the windlight in perfect sync.  It can be quite a rare occasion without having to move whole builds to try and get it just right.  However, today just worked so I just put the items in the light to show them off.  Love it.

Some lovely items to show you today.  What am I saying?  I am always showing you great stuff.  Only the best for out readers!

Serenity Style:  Serenity Style- Heavenly Feel Col. (Shiny Shabby)

Seat:  I[BDKX]I -//- Basket Bench 01.(On9)
Hanging:  22769 [bauwerk] - Origami Crane Mobile (The Challenge)
Wall Hanging:  {what next} 'Hello Spring' Wreath Framed  (Collabor88)
Floor Sign:  {what next} I Love The Weekend Floor Print - pink (Collabor88)
Suitcase:  Serenity Style- All For love WHITE EDITION

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