And My Axe


I know I don't look like Gimli (do not say a word) but he had an axe or two and I have as well so there are the comparisons right there.  I also do not have a beard and I am fairly tall but I have the heart of a warrior, just like Gimli.  Does it count if it is at home in my freezer?  Bit of Stephen King humour there.

I am promoting my fav event today: Men Only Monthly.  So, all the items are from that unless I tell you otherwise.

Cardigan/Shirt:  [American Bazaar] - Shiny Style Shirt - Grey
Pants:  sharp by [ZD] - ALLISTAIRE PANTS black
Hair:  *Drot* - Steve
Bag:  :::NOIR::: - Jax Axe Bag
Pose:  Image Essentials - Bento - Ragnar_1 (Square 1)

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