Around the Deck Part 1


I have some amazing outdoorsy items to show you but I don't want to overwhelm you so I am breaking it down into 2 posts so you can see everything clearly.  I thought I would only need to take a couple of pictures but it ended up being 5.  It happens because I want to make sure everything gets seen.

Anyway, this is post 1 of 2.

Deck:  Decor Junction / Shutter Field - Garden Deck  - rustic (On9)
Seats:  Decor Junction / Shutter Field -  DB Lounger - Dark and Light (The Crossroads)
Shed:  LAGOM - Conte de fees [Garden shack] #17 UNCOMMON (The Seasons Story)
Plant:  CLEO DESIGN - Stones with Plant 1 (The Challenge)
Bunny:  Serenity Style- Easter Bunnie Wood Blue (Mad Easter Hunt)

Bunny:  Serenity Style- Easter Bunnie Wood Lavender (Mad Easter Hunt)
Plant and Seat:  CLEO DESIGN - Stones with Plant and Bench (The Challenge)
Tree:  CHEZ MOI - Wonder Tree (Deco(c)rate)

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