Had an up and down SL today.  Good and bad both.  Nothing too major but for me as a blogger it was a bit gutting.  In the big scheme of things it weren't nothin' but for a bit there I was feeling a bit down and wondering why the heck I do this blogging thing.

If someone had told me when I first started how much work this all is I would thought twice...actually that is a lie.  If someone tells me not to do something I generally do the opposite.  I still would have given it a crack!

But it is not easy.  I have had to scrape and struggle to even get where I am today, which is not very far up the pecking order.  Seven years on and I still apply for events and to stores like everyone else.  I would love to be at that stage where they approach me, but no.  Nowhere near.

In fact, I fill in a load of applications and hardly get any of them.  Whether I am not their style or I am not arty enough or I don't get enough views on Flickr, I dunno.  For whatever reason I am not their thing.

However, I am so thankful for those designers who many years ago gave a struggling, unknown blogger a chance.  Funny thing is that I am still a struggling, unknown blogger but, after a bit of soul-searching today, I realised I am okay with that.  I love what I do and I work freaking hard at it.  I blog, on average, 7 days a week and sometimes more than once a day.  I sort outfits, scour SL for places to take pics, play with windlights to get the right look, take the photos, edit the photos, write the blog and post it all.  It all takes time.

In my spare time (hehe) I write for Best of SL and I love what I do there.   In the last week or so I have spent many hours creating my home and garden scene, writing my article and doing the photos.  In fact, yesterday I spent 6 hours finishing it off and then sorting all the photos so they are ready for publication.

I also manage the blog for All About Home designers and I love working with the team there.  I make sure their items get onto the blog, get all their items in the notecard and try and get that sent each week.  Great bunch of people to work with and I am glad to promote all their products and stores.

I am not telling you all this to boast or as a pity party  No. I just want you, my lovely readers, to know that this all takes time and effort but that you are the reason I do it all.  I love showing you all the amazing things SL has to offer.  I love promoting SL stores and designers and I am honoured to do it.

So, on days like this when SL gives me a little kick in the guts I have to stop and remember why I do it.  I also have to take the time to be thankful for all the people that trust me to display the efforts of their time and labour.

I would like to personally thank all the people who have supported me for so many years by letting me blog their stores, items and events or allow me to write for their magazine.  I would love to name you but I am too scared I will miss someone out, however you all know who you are and I am so appreciative of your trust and support.

Also a huge thank you to the other stores and events who have taken me on in the last year or so.  I am so excited I get to blog for you all!  You know I will give you my best!

And, of course, thank you, my readers.  I hope there are some of you out there.  You are a quiet lot, but that is ok.  You come for the fashion and home & garden items, not to chat to me.  Hugs to all of you!

Okay, back to what I am supposed to be doing...

Dress:  shine by [ZD] MAYA CASUAL MAXI DRESS red (Tres Chic)
Shoes:  Revoul - Lucia Diamond Heels.Maitreya / Oxblood (TC)
Hair:  Sintiklia - Hair Zoella(styler/bangs) (TC)
Necklace:  [VEXIIN] Finesque Necklace (12inch) Plat (TC)
Earrings:  Amacci - Earrings - Aceline (TC)
Pose:  an lar [poses] The Olivia Series (TC)

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