Is He Lost?

The one thing that used to annoy me as a young girl was the need for princes.  They seemed superfluous to me.  I mean, if the princess or young maiden just got off her butt and saved herself there would be a lot less naffing about.

I will confess that one of my favourite updated stories/movies is Tangled.  I liked her moxie and the way she welded a frying pan.  She also managed to help herself on many occasions and that is my kind of chick.  Of course the fact that the Eugene/Flynn was voiced by Zachary Levi made him pretty endearing too.

In my photo today Rapunzel is wondering if her hero will come back to rescue her from the evil witch, however she is also plotting how to get out should he not.  She is an independent, modern woman and she will scale this tower in heels if necessary!  Boom!

Pose Set:  {NANTRA} Rapunzel (Enchantment)
Dress:  Kaithleen's Chained Naked Dress (Tres Chic)
Hair:  RAMA.SALON - Onika Hair (TC)
Jewellery:  HUDSON's Clothing Co - Zen Hearts Jewel Set (New Release)
Lipstick:  *Booty's Beauty* Omega Lipstick ~ Emotion


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