Lovely in Cream

Sometimes I put on a dress or an outfit and it just works.  It suits my shape and head and hair and everything.  Today was one of those days.  It was so simple to put together and I LOVE it.  I even found this setting and that all just worked too which was great as I was having serious internet issues and kept crashing.  Bleurgh.

Dress:  *Me Sew Sexy* Summer Chic Dress Cream (New Release)
Hair:  [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Kit (New Release as of 1st June)
Shoes:  [BASTA!] - :KATMANDU: Sandals (Recent Release)
Pose:  an lar [poses] - The Heather Series (Tres Chic)
Necklace:  -CroM- Calisto Collar (New Release)


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