RFL Home & Garden Expo


The Relay for Life Home & Garden Expo is open and has 9 sims of houses, furniture, skyboxes, decor and outdoor items for you to peruse.  You can also enjoy some gacha machines and a hunt if that is more your style!

I am going to be showing you what is on offer and you will not be disappointed.  There is something for everyone!

House:  Glas Houses -Mechelle Mesh (Hope 8 - all inside shots also this house)
Daybed:  ~also Known as~ Four Seasons Daybed (Hope 9)
Plants:  Love Everlasting Plantpets ~ Floor Plant Mums  *Red* and Floor Plant Mums  *Neon* (Hope 2)
Windchime:  True North Designs - Vintage Seahorse Wind Chime (Hope 3)
Suitcase: by Dekute Dekore - [Mesh] Suitcase Welcome Chalkboard (Hope 7)

Lounge Items:  Sahi Designs - Davis Living Room - Light ADULT: Table, Desk, Chair, Lounger, Forever Photo Frames (Hope 1)
Tray:  Cleo Design - Set 8 - Tea Tray and Plant (Hope 7)
Plant:   ~also Known as~ Banana tree in Creme planter (Hope 9)

Plants:  Love Everlasting Plantpets ~ Floor Plant *Green* and Floor Plant *Lime* (Hope 2)
Sahi Designs - Davis Living Room - Light ADULT: Family Photo Frames, Couch, Table (Hope 1)
Clock:  Glas Houses - Mid Century Modern Wall Clock N*7 (Gotya #7 - Rare (Hope 5)

Plants in Cups:  TERRASHOP - Crocuses in the Cup, Primroses in the Cup, Snowdrops in the Cup, Cyclamen in  the Cup (Hope 8)
Table, Chairs and Food:  *Dench Designs* Dinner Table - Sunday Roast (Hope 7)
Chair:  ::velvetena::. Crafty Her Club Chair v1.5 (Hope 4)
Picture:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery - ***A Truck with a View*** RFL (Hope 3)
Plant:  ~also Known as~Feather palm in Creme planter (Hope 9)
Bookcase:  World of Wood ~ Bookshelf ~ (Hope 2)

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