Books and Burgers

Is it just me or are there loads of great summer items about at the moment?  I am in awe of the creativity of the designers and I am loving the fashion, but really loving the home and garden pieces out there.  It is so much fun grabbing new bits for the house or for my land as the quality makes it so easy to add to your existing home.  I like simplicity!

Today I am showing you two items that will both be assets to your land or sim.

The first is from Kraftwork and is the Beach Burger Shack that can be found at Knot and Co right now!  It comes with great poses and one thing I LOVE about this shack is that it is all one piece so no fiddling about with separate parts, just rez and use!  Simple.

And the second is from *CHEZ MOI* and was part of the Dec(o)crate pack that can still be bought from their HQ.  This bridge and wee island has loads of fab poses for singles and couples and even has a proposal option if you wanted a romantic place to pop the question.  Love it.


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