You Talkin' to Me?


I would worry if some guy, in a dodgy part of town, approached me like this.  However, since I am doing it, it is all good.  I am probably just going to ask you to direct me to the nearest place I can get some pancakes or a burger.

I could also be asking if you know where I parked my car.  I hope none of the ones behind me are mine.

All items below are from Men Only Monthly.

Jacket:  Meva - Dixon Jacket Grunge Brown
Jeans:  [American Bazaar] - Mandingo Jeans - Brown
[Z O O M] Carethor Glasses
Hair:  Stealthic - Haunting
Jandals:  ELYSIUM - Dude flipflop
Pose:  Le Poppycock-Nothing to hide

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