Beach Spot

Was sorting some home and garden items to blog and then realised they worked together hence the mega post!  I have even given you a taste of my next fashion post.  See if you can spot it!

A lot of these items are from Tres Chic but I have also thrown some other bits and pieces that went in the scene to make it look fab.  I hope you can see everything clearly.

Table, Cushions and Accessories:  {Your Dreams}- Little piece of summer (Tres Chic)

Container and Inside Furniture:  Serenity Style-La touche de Soffy Gacha (Tres  Chic)
Plants by Door:  [CIRCA]  - "Rising Dawn" - Cleome Flower Set - Colour Mix (Recent Release)
Windchime:  [CIRCA] - "Artisan" Classic Wind Chimes - Spring Woods / Silver (Recent Release)
Sunflowers:  {what next} Sunflowers Pitcher (50L Friday)
Outside Wall Hanging:  KraftWork - Seat 32K Wall Hanging Version 6 (Cosmopolitan)

Chairs, Windshield and Tray:  CHEZ MOI  - Double Adirondack Chair Malibu, Windshield Malibu Linen and Watermelon Tray (Limit8)
Bike:  {what next} Sunflowers Bicycle Decor (50L Friday)
Shower:  CHEZ MOI - Timber Outdoor Shower (Tres Chic)

Hammock:  CHEZ MOI - Hammock Honolulu (Deco(c)rate)


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