1 Star

Dear SL UmLord,

I am normally not a complainer, but I have to say that this place I booked online is a bit of a let-down. I was promised a getaway at an asylum, which I took to mean as some kind of spa, but this place is probably the furthermost thing from a spa that I have ever seen and I once lived in a cellar for two weeks due to a misunderstanding with a possum over house rights.  

The bathrooms were sub-par and the kitchen contained a fridge that may or may not still contain body parts.  I may have even met a past patient wandering about.  His name was Brian and, although quite chatty, his conversation about zombie rights gave me cause for alarm.

I am sorry to have to say it but I am only going to be able to give you one star as a rating, and that was only because it was near to a coffee shop that I enjoyed.

Yours truthfully,

Mattress and Shelf:  [ zerkalo ] Last Refuge - Dirty Mattress - PG and Supply Shelf - Decor (Thereafter)
All Other Items:  [ zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout (Kustom9)
Asylum:  22769 - Abandoned Asylum


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