Hard Work


I know it doesn't look like I am working hard, but I was!  Firstly, I tried to get the photo done for this in a different location and I couldn't get the light right. So, I moved to this location but was a bit lagged so it took me a while to get into position.  I had just got sorted and was finding a good pose and then someone accidentally (I hope) walked into me and pushed me down the path.  Sigh.

Back to square one, I lowered all my graphic presets and got myself back into place again.  I shuffled through my poses and finally found one, got the windlight right and was about to get the shot when I froze and then crashed.  Sob.

Logged back on, got back into position, sorted pose and windlight and took the photo quickly in case something else went wrong.  Hard work.

However, after all that I am happy with the photo and I love the look so it was all worth it.  On with the show...

Dress:  ~La Gazza Ladra~ Victoria Lane - Apple (On9)
Hair:  *ARGRACE* WAKANA v1.1
Eyeshadow:  alaskametro "Cairo" eyeshadow - Omega HUD (On9)
Eyes:  MESANGE - Skye Eyes (On9)
Lipstick:  *Booty's Beauty* - Akeruka Lipstick ~ Finesse Hud
Earrings and Necklace:  !Indulge Temptation! - Peacock Set (TWE12VE August)
Bracelets:  !Indulge Temptation! - Farah Bracelet (Designer Circle)

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