Home from the Ball Game


It is getting dark so time to go home now.  We played until the light grew dim and we could no longer see the ball.  The days grow shorter.  Soon it will be time to put away the bat and mitt and get out the hockey stick and skates or the football gear.  Not far away at all.  In the meantime we will enjoy the sun.

Here is the outfit I was wearing in the photos with Arya.  Happy Rez Day, chick!

New store for me to blog.  Thanks, AmAzINg CrEaTiOnS!

Shirt:  AmAzINg CrEaTiOnS - Retro Shirts 05 Male V-Neck (VINTAGE)
Shorts:  AmAzINg CrEaTiOnS - 4 Short Jean
Shoes:  AmAzINg CrEaTiOnS - 4 Retro Mens Casual Shoes 01
Pose:  Image Essentials - Batter Up Pose 5F

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