Where to Ride


The scooter ready, your bag is packed and your wild sense of adventure is checked and ready to go.  Now, where to go.  Big decision.  Beach?  Forest? Open road to nowhere?  Endless possibilities. Of course I am right next to an ice cream cart so maybe I will just stay here, grab a cone and find a spot in the shade to sit...

I took these pics in the summer beach area at Best of SL Boulevard.  Go check it and wander about before it all changes to autumn in September.

Pose Prop:  {NANTRA} - BEEP BEEP (Ultra)
Dress:  [LAKSHMI] - Janya Dress/CP 5 (On9 - starts on 9th!)
Shoes:  Mosquito's Way - Betty (Tres Chic)

[Since1975]-Unicorn Eyeglasses (Tres Chic)
MESANGE - Skye Eyes (On9)

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