Hanging out with my crop.  Who knows why?  No way I would use one on a horse, so what else is there to use it on?  Beats me.

While we all ponder this I will tell you about what I am wearing and hanging out near.  That should help us think.

Outfit:  Wicca's Wardrobe - Catrina Coat and Dress (Dark Style Fair)
Hair:  !!Firelight!! - Kadin (New Release)
Boots:   Midnyte Creations - Mad Circus Boots (Mad Circus)
Pose Prop:  Fashiowl - Waiting for you - Pose (Tres Chic)
Jewellery:  Zuri Rayna~ Skeli Jewels - Garnet/Sterling
Tattoo:  Juna: Ruze (Twe12ve)


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