In the Loft

This post is about the build.  It is this amazing Le Plateau Loft from KraftWork and it is now available at 6th Republic.  It is a stunning skybox and even has a hud so you can choose a sunny or snowy vista outside.

6th Republic starts on the 6th and runs for 20 days.  You will find high-quality items like this one there so mark it on your calendar as a 'must do'.

Since I had the loft up I thought I would blog some other items in it to show you how cool it is.  I did one post yesterday and here is the next.

Kitchen  Kuro - Candy kitchen B&W
Fridge:  KraftWork - Chalk Fridge

Furniture and Accessories:  [ zerkalo ] - Industrial Spot
Cushions and Book:  KraftWork - Home Sundry Floor Cushions and Memories Book

Chair:  Kuro - Comfy armchair [B&W]
Furniture and Accessories: [ zerkalo ]  Music is Life


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