Baby Likes Being in the Corner

This is one corner that no one would mind being put in.  I could stay here all day, and I darn well might just do that too.  Well, I have books, internet, music and two comfy beanbags, so why would I move?  If I am missing over the next couple of days you will know where I am.

Furniture Items:
CHEZ MOI - Cozy Corner - Beanbags, Music Wall Poster, Carpet Colorful, Vinyl Record Storage Shelf, Vintage Record Player (Cosmopolitan)
Kuro - Butterflies wall art, Nature plants, Flowers, Stack of books

Fashion Items: 
Pose:  HelaMiyo-Amazon (The Chapter Four)
Outfit:  *dafnis - JEANS LYNN and tops (New Release)
Hair:  TRUTH / Halona (Uber)


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