Going Dotty


Front and rear shots today to show off this snazzy Dottie outfit and the cool tatts.  Maci is the store where the top, skirt, shoes, necklace and handbag are from and I am liking their style!  Cute look that could be worn in a variety of places.

I teamed it up with the NaaNaa's Vega Bracelet which you can find at On9 and this lovely hairstyle called Seven Days which is new at Magika.  Cute!

My skin is from WoW Skins and is called Lucy.  It is one of their amazing new skins which is on show at the Skin Fair.  I am practically glowing!  Gorgeous.

My As You Wish Leg Tattoo and Wish Upon a Star Back Tattoo are both from Sweet Evil and you can go and check them out at Twe12ve which has started and is in full swing.  Bumper crop of fab items!

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