Outdoor Dining


Due to the warmer weather (hehe) in SL the amazing designers are bringing out more outdoory type stuffs so we can get to and decorate our land and backyards.  This is why we have fabulous items like the ones I am going to show you today.

The first is this new gazebo from GOOSE.  It is the Brittany Pergola and Stone Path and is available at Cosmopolitan.  Imagine yourself and friends enjoying the shade and view in this gorgeous pergola.  Just right for outdoor entertaining.

I have provided some leafy shade by adding these Fig Trees from Little Branch.  They come with fall, spring and summer options so make them great for greening up your space and providing some cover.  You can go see them at Shiny Shabby.

Of course, with the gorgeous pergola, you will want to be eating outside too and taking in the sights, so then you will need this Color Home Patio set from CHEZ MOI.  Go and check it out at Tres Chic then grab it!  Comes with chair animations for males, females, toddlers and eating.  Perfecto!

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