Balloon in the Park


I am not a balloon fan in RL because they:

  1. Pop unexpectedly
  2. Are not kind on the environment
  3. Are normally found near clowns which are just scary.
However, I don't mind them in SL because they do not pop, have no effect on the environment except to look cool and have no connection to clowns as I chose to have them in clown-free spaces.  That is why this new set from Nantra Poses is so awesome.  It is called 99 Luftballoons (cool name) and can be found at The Liaison Collaborative.  Go try it out.

Sweater and Top:  Loordes Of London - The Kilkenny Collection-#7- (See You Wednesday Sale)
Jeans:  Loordes Of London - The Kilkenny Collection-#7-P- (Steals&Deals)
Shoes:  Loordes Of London - The Kilkenny Collection-#7-B- (My 60L Secret Sale)
Hair:  TRUTHxL&B / Parker without Cap (Uber)
Necklace:  !Indulge Temptation! - Haute Elegance Necklace (Designer Circle)

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