Trees and Toadstools


I just want to go and lie on the outdoor lounger here today.  Has been a crazy week in RL.  Could someone make me a cool drink or a smoothie and deliver it to me here.  It is shady if you want that or, if you feel like it, you can lie in the sunbeam like a cat soaking up the warmth.

House and Plants:  Serenity Style- Country Spring Retreat (Illuminate)
Outdoor Furniture:  CHEZ MOI - Emma Wicker Patio Set (Cosmopolitan)
Basket, Rack and Pots:  Serenity Style-Jocelyn Lovely Treasures GACHA (SHINY SHABBY)
Swing:  [ zerkalo ] Backyard Swing - PG (The Seasons Story)
Trees:  Little Branch - FloweringDogwood{Animated}Seasons (The Chapter Four)
Mushrooms:  Little Branch - Mushrooms.V1

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