A Shed and a Swing


Title pretty much says it all. This is, indeed, a shed and a swing.  However, that does not do them justice as they are so much more than that.  I mean look at them!

The gorgeous Beach Hut is from CHEZ MOI and comes with all the bits you can see.  The doors do open and you can hide inside and decorate it up to suit.  The hut is colour change to if you aren't a blue fan, like me, you can have white, yellow, green, lilac, pink, aqua or beige.  Easy.  Downside is that you have to wait a couple more days before you can go grab it as it will be at ULTRA which starts on the 15th.

The Summer Swing is from Bee Designs.  It comes with its own tree, as seen here, and a whole tons of bento poses.  There are poses for solos and couples with plenty to choose from, depending on the situation.  And, of course, the swing...well...swings.  Hehe.  You can run over to On9 right now and grab it. 

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