Pools Galore


I am so happy right now.  I get to swim in the daytime in the outdoor pools and bask in the cool water and then, at night, when the temps drop I get to slide into the hot tub and enjoy a glass of bubbly under the stars.  What could be better?

The house is from Trompe Loeil and is called Marisol Oceanside Cottage.  This lovely summer home is just right for the long balmy days with great indoor spots and loads of light. You can go and grab it at Uber.

The trees along the side is from Little Branch and these gorgeous ones are called the Yellow Orchid Tree. I also used their grass V4.

The Unicorn Pool Float is from Simply Shelby and can be found at the Once Upon a Time - Fable event which starts on August 4th.

This hot tub and plants are from CIRCA.  This tub is the "Tropical Retreat" Hot Tub w/ Controls - Beech PG and the plants and torches are also part of the "Tropical Retreat" set and are the Stilt Plant Stand1 - Leafy, Stilt Plant Stand1 - Fern and Tiki Torch - Light Wood (S).

The tub has loads of sits that include Fem Sits, Fem Steps, Male Sits and poses for Couples.  Go try it out and buy it  and the accessories at SWANK.  If you find the event closed then head on over to the mainstore.

These great loungers are from CHEZ MOI the Outdoor Chaises in Citrus.  They are texture change and have loads of sits for all your sunbathing needs and for some more adult type fun in the sun.  You can go and test them out (keep it seemly people) at Limit8.

"The Courtyard" Obelisk Planters - Hickory are from CIRCA and come in a variety of great textures.  You can go grab them out at the CIRCA mainstore.  The other planter is from the "Tropical Retreat" set I have already mentioned above.

In the background is the fab Southsea Set from {what next}.  Perfect set for your beach or deck.

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