Cats Everywhere


I am not sure why the farmer felt he needed to put up a scarecrow when there all these cats about.  If I was a crow or a raven or any other kind of winged animal I would think twice about alighting on the ground here.

I mean, I know they are kittens but as a pack (hmmm, what is a group of kittens called?) they could be darn deadly.  They all look like they are ready to play.

I know what you are thinking....  You are thinking, "Where can I get them all? I want to play with them!"  Well, I have the answer to that.  They are from MoOH! and they are a gacha set available at Twe12ve.  The gacha set is called Sorcery and I would scarper on over there and start collecting because Twe12ve finishes at the end of this month.

The scarecrow is from Serenity Style and you can nab that at the MadPea Halloween Monster Hunt.  He is scary, just not enough for the floofs!

P.S.  A group of cats is called a cluster, so let's go with that.

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