Dead Certain


This post is like a movie based on a book.  It is technically one book, but for movie purposes (ie money) it is broken into 2 movies.

This is Part 1 and it sets the scene for Part 2.  In fact, like movies that are split in two, the first part will drag on and be filled with lots of creepy scenes of people running through trees and looking frightened.

Actually, there is nothing like that because this is a blog post and not a movie, but you get the idea.  It will just drag on and on and on with loads of stuff that, if properly edited, could have combined the two into one really good

So here goes:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the graveyard comes a story so scary that it makes all other scary movies seem like films about sparkly fairies and singing mushrooms.

If you thinking of seeing this movie, you had better be...

Dead Certain 

Rectory, Vault, 2 Red Trees on either side of Church:  Adorably Strange Wares - The Holy Hollis Horror (The Gacha Life - more items in Photo 2)
Tomb:  khargo - halloween cuddle tomb (The Mad Circus)
Trees:  Little Branch - Korean Beech Trees, Spooky Trees, Black Trees

Note:  No animals were harmed in the making of this post although the human seems lifeless...  Any items not mentioned today will be seen in Part 2.

All Furniture Inside of Rectory:  Adorably Strange Wares - The Holy Hollis Horror (The Gacha Life)

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