Dead Wrong

I thought this would be a nice neighbourhood to do some trick or treating in, but I was dead wrong.  Also, I called an Uber and I am not sure whether the driver has a breathe!

I am a bit worried about getting out of here alive and with my brains intact, so while I ponder my dilemma you can soak in all the goodies I am wearing today.  You had better stop sleeping over the next few weeks because there is SOOOO much happening at the moment that shopping has become a 24/7 occupation.  Drink coffee!

Shorts and Tee:  *dafnis - valeria - Maitreya only (New Release)
Shoes:  ::Slack Girl:: Joana (On9)
Hair:  Opale . Zara Hair - without strands (75L Saturday)
Body Tattoos:  BodyCult - Tattoo Spider Rose CH1109 and  Tattoo Spider Rose LG1110 (Twe12ve)
Poses:  Nantra Poses - Trick or Treat

Necklace:  DCKM Fire Ruby Spider 1 (Trick or Treat Lane)
Nose Piercing:  BONDI . Skull Septum . 2 (Ironwood Hills - Haunting 2018)
Eyeshadow:  VileCult - Rebella Pack V1 (ToTL)
Face Tattoo:  BodyCult - Tattoo FACE Spider Eye FA1111 (Twe12ve)


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