Eerie Place


It is quiet here.  Maybe a little too quiet, but at least nothing is going to jump out at me and yell "BOO!"  Well, I hope not.  Time will tell.

I am showing some wares from 2 different designers today.  The main graveyard items including the fence are from a gacha set called The Eerie Graveyard from 22769.  This set can be collected from the Pop-Up Arcade for October.  There is a whole heap of stuff in this set so take the time and collect the lot.

The two graves outside the fence are from CIRCA.  They are from a set called Grim Graves.  The one on the left is 'Old Trees - Single Grave' and the one on the right is 'Reaper - Duo Graves'.  They are for Syndicate Sunday and can be picked up this week at a super low price.  Great for decorating your sim.

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