Sometimes you stand and fight, but sometimes it is best if you retreat and regroup ready for the next battle.  In my case I am retreating to tend to my wounds and get ready for the next round.  It seemed the wisest thing to do.  Oh, and I also may need some medical assistance too.

While I find a doctor who will make a house call, you can go find all the items I am showcasing today.  I had so much fun with this look and it took me a while to get exactly the right wounds, bruises and clothing to go with the theme. 

Hoodie:  :::Sn@tch - Suga Hoodie (Riot Item)
Sweatpants:  :::Sn@tch - Suga Drawstring Pants (Riot Item)
Top:  1313 Scream Team Top - Bloody Hands (Ironwood Hills Hunt)
Hair:  adoness : hipp : naturally
Body and Face Wounds:  The White Crow - 10 RARE MY BAD
Poses:  Pacagaia Poses - Fighter Set (On9)

Necklace and Earrings:  Zuri Rayna - Moth Necklace Set 100% Mesh *Autumn* (New Release)
Knuckle Wounds:  { Speakeasy } 5. Bloody knuckles
Eyes:  CURELESS[+] Sororis Obscura / Succubus Vision / BLUE
Choker:  .TeaBunny. + Cubic Cherry Chompy Choker  (Trick or Treat Lane - Starts today)

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