Ice, Anyone?


Do you perhaps need some for a drink or a bump?  Do you need it to keep going with the song "Stop, collaborate and listen..."?  Are you an ice harvester and you are about to burst into song as you collect the blocks of ice?  No?  Right, then maybe you just want a quite place for a spot of fishing, a picnic and a relax in a boat that won't move until spring?

Boy, if that very specific last question was just what you want then do I have the items for you!

I am going to show you some items from it today and some tomorrow.  You will see them in the wide scene shot and then I have zoomed on in the each wee area to give you some more details.

Today I am focusing on the ice rink, the snow-covered pines and the cool ice cabin and accessories because they are all (except one) from CIRCA and are from the "Great North" Ice Fishing Set.  You can grab all the pieces of this set at Boardwalk.  And, to entice you even more, the icing fishing sets are discounted 60% off!  A great deal if you are looking to fill out your land or sim this winter.

The only items that are not part of this set is the wee potted tree to the right of the cabin which is from DRAMA and is the Cutie Tree with Green Flamingos.  This item is available at the Black Friday Bazaar.  The other items are the amazing Korean Beech Trees in the background which are all from Little Branch.  You can find these at Enchantment.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the picnic set, the boat with its own tree and the background trees.

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