It's a Wrap


I have all your wrapping needs here in one awesome piece of furniture.  Not only can I wrap them for you, but I can then hop on my bike and deliver them all. I Santa?  I do have reindeer frolicking on my front lawn.  I do love cookies and milk.  I don't have a sleigh though, so maybe not...

While you contemplate that you can also be rushing over to Tres Chic to grab thie Jingle Wrapping Station and Bike from *CHEZ MOI*. 

There are even animations in the station and you can grab it in PG (66 animations) or ADULT (126 animations).

There are even self-rezzing animations so you can wrap a pressy, shake it or grab a coffee, book or a kiss (mistletoe not included...hehe).

The cabinet itself is also texture change so you can have it in lighter or darker woods to suits your decor.

The bike is decor only, but looks great parked in my lounge so would look fab in yours too.

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