More Ice, Anyone?


As promised yesterday here are the other two items from yesterday's lovely ice rink scene.

On the left is a re-release from {what next} and is the Winter Harvest Picnic set.  It comes with poses for singles and couples and has great auto-rezzing props so you can munch on a tart, enjoy a hot chocolate or snack on a sandwich or some fresh pie.

The couples poses are for snuggling and kissing to keep you warm, or just admiring the winter view together.  Awwww!

Even the hamper has auto rez items in case you haven't had enough to eat.  You can touch it and choose from a pile of items like mulled wine, so you can stand about and chat with friends while enjoying a snack or a drink.  Brill.

On the right are items from *CHEZ MOI* and they are the Snowy Rowboat and the Bare Tree.  The rowboat comes with 70 animations in the PG version and 130 in the adult one.  There are also 15 singles poses for boys and the same for girls.   As always the poses come with automatic rezzing props so you can check your phone and have a hot drink while you sit and take in the stunning view.

Race over and grab this set at Cosmopolitan.

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