New Friend

Who wants to build a snowman with me?  No, I am NOT singing that song.  Fine, I will do it by myself.  Dang fine snowman if you ask me.  He seems friendly.

I am enjoying some snow and very aware that in a few short days it is winter in SL and in RL for some of you.  And when I say 'some' I mean half of the world.  As for me I am wandering into summer.  In the words of Gollum, "I hates it!"  Meh.  Sticking with the snow.

Dungarees:  *dafnis - araceli overall
Hat/Hair:  Nutmeg & Entwined. Cameron (Saturday Sale)
Tights:  Sn@tch - Moonchild Ribbed Tights
Boots:  {Livalle} Payne - Combat Boots
Snowman Pose:  Fashiowl Poses - Snowman (RFL Christmas Expo sneak peek)


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