Out Back

Out back at my house is this little cabin where I can escape to when I feel like a lie down and some peace and quiet.  It is a multi-use build and you would only be limited by your imagination as to what you could do with it.

The Wishful Cabin is from Serenity Style and is at a new home and garden event called Boardwalk.  It started on the 15th so make sure you wander over and check the event and this cabin out for yourselves.

I have decorated it up to show you one idea of what it could look like, so check the credits below to find out where all the pieces come from.

A lot of them are from a gacha set from MOoH! called Autumn.  You can go collect all the items at this round of Twe12ve.  In fact all of the items below except the cabin and the lounger are from Twe12ve so you have plenty of excuses to go have a look.

Bird Bath:  HJM Designs - Romance Fall Bird Table
Blue Stool:  MOoH! - Jar light on stool blue
Vase:  MOoH! - Candle in vase
Lantern:  MOoH! - Autumn lantern
Wheel and Decor:  HJM Designs - Fall Wagon Wheel Decoration
Vases:  MOoH! - Autumn leaves vases - RARE
Trees:  Little Branch - Big Red Maple

Shelves:  MOoH! - Autumn cupboard
Wood Stool:  MOoH! - Jar light on stool wood
Branch Vases:  MOoH! - Autumn branch vases
Pumpkin Vase:  MOoH! - Vase with pumpkins
Recliner and Cushions:  Little 2 Large - Food Coma Recovery Station (The Jerky Turkey Hunt 8)
Candle Shelf:  MOoH! Candle shelf - RARE
Vase with Branch:  MOoH! Vase with Autumn branch
Leaf Curtain:  MOoH! - Autumn branch curtain dawn


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