Dinner is Ready!

Dinner is ready!  Come and get it while it is hot!  This set is awesome and you can even rez different foods on different plates.  This is why I am showing, dessert and breakfast on the same table at the same time.  Meh, there are no rules at Christmas time.  If I want to eat cheesecake for breakfast, I will!

This set also has wearable props, can seat 8 and has CHEZ MOI's awesome animations!  The chair and armchair each come with 35 animations - 28 for single male and female poses, 5 toddler poses and 2 dinner animations.  You have your dining needs sorted right here!

This Mason Dinner Set was at Cosmopolitan but is now to be found at the CHEZ MOI mainstore.

In the background you can see Magnum Opus's Christmas Table & Wreathe which is now for sale at the RFL Christmas Expo.

On the wall is the Llama IncPhoto Tree which is also available at the RFL Christmas Expo.

This photo was taken inside an awesome build which I will show you tomorrow...


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