Just Eating


Ah, 'tis the time of random eating.  It is weird but suddenly what is unacceptable at other times of the year is okay at Christmas time.  For example, I love cheesecake but if people caught me eating it for breakfast in June, they would think I have issues, however if I eat cheesecake for breakfast on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) no one wold blink an eye.  Do they have something against cheesecake as a breakfast food? Perhaps.  Trust me if I could eat it instead of cereal, I would.

Today, I am eating pill pops.  I am just hoping that these are not marketed at children.

Pill Pops:  Junk Food - Pill Pops - Mint (Harajuku Event)
Dress:  MOoH! - Penny dress dawn
Leggings:  Sn@tch - Marta Winter Knit Leggings
Boots:  REIGN.- Glitter Duckboots
Hair:  RAMA.SALON - Caroline Hair 'BLONDES PALE'
Headband:  Sweet Evil - Head Band . Jingle Bells (The Naughty List)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - MANUELA omega FACE&BODY butter (FitMesh Plaza & 50% Discount Event December 1- January 1)

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