Sssshhh, I'm Sleeping!

I am trying to sleep so that Santa will come and visit me quicker.  I figure that sleeping makes the time go faster.  I didn't say it was a great idea, but it keeps me out of trouble.

Today I am inside the Ellika Cottage that I showed you yesterday.  This is the lounge area that I set up.  Now, before you comment...yes, I know the cottage already has a funky cool fireplace, but I wanted to show this one, so I have set it up that way.  I am using poetic license.

I have a pile of items here from different places, so I will itemise them all for you so you know what to go and buy!

Cleo Design - LUNA SOFA - set includes sofa, coffee table, poppies and chocolate log cake (RFL Christmas Expo)
Beyond Majestic - Winter is Calling - set includes fireplace and accessories, wreath, birds on branch, tree with base and gift boxes (RFL Christmas Expo)
*paper moon* Holiday Wrapping Paper (New Release - come with texture change hud so perfect for
                         matching your decor)
~Off the Wall~ Escaped from Grumpy Santa! (Grumpy Santa Hunt)
Junk Food - Ramen Shop Carton -Sky and Ramen Shop Carton -Green (rez or animated to hold - 6
                    colours to choose from)


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