I am in retreat mode today.  My brain is feeling fuzzy and I am just wanting to sit and blob out a bit.  I am glad I have this little sanctuary from all the hustle and bustle to hang around in and read a magazine or a good book.

The only time I will need to leave is to head downstairs to the kitchen for a snack or two...or three. Like now, for instance.

Photo 1:
Bed and Dresser:  Decor Junction / Shutter Field - Indy Bed - Shabby, Industrial Dresser - Shabby (Shiny Shabby)
Chair, Rug and Wall Art:  *Dench Designs* - Scampton: Chair, Frames, Rug (Boardwalk)
Flowers:  Tres Beau -  Maison Thistle Vase (On9)
Round Rug:  Lunar's Seasonal Designs and Tylar's Treasures - Buckled Living Room Rug Decor With Texture Changer (Boardwalk)
Mirror and Dresser Items:  Kaerri - Bel Air Set Items
Photo 2:
Big Shelves:  Decor Junction / Shutter Field - Industrial Shelves  - Shabby (Shiny Shabby)
Little Shelves and Sofa:  *Dench Designs* Scampton Shelving and Sofa (Boardwalk)
Basket:  {vespertine} - heritage laundry basket.
Clothes and Shoes:  Bazar - Stockholm-Clothing rack, Sneakers Decor
Boxes:  BALACLAVA!! - Alma Storage Boxes (White)
Towel Pile:  Kaerri - Bel Air Towel Pile
Quilts:  Serenity Style - Heavenly Pile of Quilts


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