Sick As


Yep, I am sick as.  There is much sniffing, coughing, sighing and taking of meds.  Where am I in this photo then?  Well, since you asked, I have retreated to bed to suffer in silence...okay, sigh and moan is relative silence. Alright, I am trying to get someone to make a fuss of me and bring me more soup.  You happy now?

This picture actually does encapsulate what the couch looks like around me when I am sick.  It is scary, but true.

Culprit - FuzzyWuzzy Bengal
Junk Food - Sick Days
Junk Food - Skatebox Blue
"sources" - BAPOU brown pouf, Winter Rug
Wimey: - Badger Draped Blanket
.peaches. - Resolutions Clutter
shutter field - open laptop
hive - dust // book clutter
{what next} House Plant - Rubber Tree (stand), Agave
dust bunny . cozy reading
Kuro & [Con.] - [Just decor] Her slippers, Chocolates, Tissues
Toro. Console Game
[ zerkalo ] - Old Cinema Gacha - Popcorn, Backstreet Hideout - Magazines, My Boyfriend's Attic                           Gacha - Tablet
Astralia - Italian Pizza (Boxed Margherita)
22769 - Hanging Plant - Style One - on Plantstand, Style One Hanging)
JIAN Forest Cat Static - Stare
Apple Fall - London Apartment v2.1

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