According to Celtic mythology Morrigan means 'Great Queen' and she is the balance between life and death.  She rules over both and has three representations of her personality:  Anu, the maiden of fertility, Badh the mother cauldron, and Macha, the death crone.

I think Morrigan is well represented in this picture.  Steer clear. 

Mind you, she could also be Hel from Nordic mythology.  Hel means 'hidden' which is pretty apt for the diety of death.  Perhaps she is Loki's daughter...

Gown:  Dejmoni' "Heavenly dress" (Spotlight 2019 GIFT)
Jewellery:  Zuri's - Arualblues Set P-Mesh Blk Dia/Frost Pearl-Sterling
Tiara:  Zuri's - Royal Tiara - Black Dia/Frost P-Mesh
Hair:  FABIA- Gacha    Blond (The Gacha Garden)
Pose:  Image Essentials - Khaleesi
Lipstick:  *Booty's Beauty* Omega Lipstick ~ Trust Me
Blood:  The Horror!~ Corpse Scars & Bruises - Dripped


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