Photo Op


Took my trusty old Polorama Thrift Camera from Junk Food out to snap some photos around SL and found these guys ready for a photo op!  They seemed friendly so I joined the crew.  I think they may think I am one of them as I am all in white too.  It helps me blend so I can get among them to get the shot.

The camera is so cool and comes in all black too.  It has it's own animation that goes with so you can take photos all over the place without even having to stand still!  There are even some decor ones for you to use to just make the place look awesome.  You can nab them at the Hipster Men's event.

Hair:  Doe: Sugar - Blondes (Saturday Sale)
Outfit: AsHmOoT - DoLLs CoLL - V vest+Panties (Designer Circle)
Boots:  AsHmOoT - A/W CoLL_Stivaletti #01 (Designer Circle)
Shape:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - AURA SHAPE [based on LAQ - noelle] (Designer Showcase Jan 5- 31)

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