It is dusk and that means it is time to sit in the pergola and enjoy the sun setting.  I am pretty sure I would get sleepy with the lavender and mulberry scents drifting in the breeze.  If I sit on the tyre swing I would be out to it.

Some gorgeous items in this photo!  I am so excited to show them to you.

The Waterside Pergola is from GOOSE and is perfect for your lake or sea side property.  It is a great size for filling with whatever you need and I love the contrast of the white with the brown floorboards.  Classy.  You can grab this at this round of The Mens Dept.

The Rope Terras set in the centre is also from GOOSE and includes the chairs, table and lavender pots.  The seat cushions are texture change so you can make them suit any other decor you have.  Go check it out at the GOOSE Mainstore.

The plants are from 2 different sets but both are from CIRCA.  The hanging plants are from the "AZIZA" Hanging Fern Set and the planters are from the "AZIZA" Planter Collection / In Naturals. The pots come in different textures and the hanging plants have different chain lengths to suit where you put them.  You will fin both sets at the CIRCA mainstore.

Lastly, the hanging Tire Swing is from tarte. and is currently available for Saturday Sale so go and nab this before it reverts back to full price. 


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