In the Back Garden

In the back garden I have some fabulous furniture from some awesome stores and designers.  I was a bit slack with a couple that were at Cosmopolitan, but they will now be back at their respective mainstores so it is still all good.

Boardwalk is still humming along and if you haven't been over and had a look then I am not sure what you are waiting for.  Go and look!

Trees:  Little Branch - Red Bud Tree. v2 {Animated} 4Seasons
Swing:  CHEZ MOI - Romantic Swing
Table and Chairs:  Old World - Old wooden chairs, Old wooden table, Set of fruits v4 (Boardwalk)
Tricycle:  Serenity Style- Carrier   Tricycle BAKERY (Man Cave)
Tower:  GOOSE - Camp tower ADULT
Ferns and Lights:  LOVE - Fairy Ferns - NATURAL (Boardwalk)


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