Fairies in the Garden

If by some chance you are living under a rock and are unaware, the Fantasy Faire is currently underway and, as usual, there are some stunning items on display.  You don't even have to be into the fantasy scene to appreciate the creativity of this years wares.

Today I am going to show you some items from two very innovative designers:  CIRCA and EED Home&Garden.

In the top picture you will see all of the items, but I will be zooming on on the second grouped photos and giving you a run-down of what it there.

Photo 1:
:Norvaris: Elven Gateway Arch w/ Trees & Plants 1
:Norvaris: Elven Willow Tree v1a - Royal (L), Silver (L) and Water (L)
:Falaern: Stone Plant Bed Lt - Round - Water and Royal Lilies

NOT at FF -
[CIRCA] - 'WATERTON" Stone Path A

Photo 2 Left -  EED Home& Garden
Be a Brave Bear, Toad Stool (6 Singles C), Meadow With Sheep and Fairies

Photo 3 Right - EED Home&Garden
 Meadow with Mushrooms, Toad Pond, Peek-a-Bear

Other Items not at FF
Botanical - Boxwood  Bush v2 F
LOVE - Fairy Ferns


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