Swings and Seagulls

I have swings and I have seagulls today.  Great combo as long as the seagulls don't go all Birds on us.  Oh, and also no poop.  Eww to poop.  These seagulls are very polite so I think we will be fine.  Also there is no food for them to eye up.

The swing set is from GOOSE and is the Water Swing Island.  I love the swing poses and, yes, this is a swing that actually swings. This set is at COSMOPOLITAN until midnight tonight and then it will be at the GOOSE mainstore.

I dressed it up with some other GOOSE items.  The single and couples beach pallets are great for sitting still when you have finished swinging.

Boardwalk has also started and you can see some items from this fab home and garden event.  From [BMS] we have Seagull which is the cool breakwater with bollards, tetrapods and seagulls. Great set for decorating your beachy sim or land.

Behind the breakwater are some new palms from Little Branch.  The very realistic Tropical Palms are animated and also at Boardwalk


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