Just Me and a Rat


I am not sure why I am not getting a ride today.  No taxis, buses or kind folk will stop for me.  Am I wearing something strange?

*Me looks down*

Nope, I am stylish as all that!  Is it something to do with my luggage?  Can't be.  I only have one little bag.

Hmm, Rizzo, can you think of a reason no one wants to give us a ride?  No?  Oh, well I am sure someone will come along eventually.  In the meantime Rizzo and I will just hang out here.

Outfit:  MOoH! - Eleanor White (50% Discount until June 13th)
Hair:  #Foxy - Grind Hair -Dark Blondes (Saturday Sale)
Necklace:  VALUXIA - Jasmyn Necklace (On9)
Earrings:  < IDEALIA > VOXI Earrings (Tres Chic Gift)
Shoes:  amias - JANUS female
Pose:  {NANTRA} - Taxi!
Rat:  Culprit - Mousie Animesh Follow Pet*

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