Long Walk Home

Do you ever decide to go for a walk and and so you put your head down and lose yourself in your own thoughts and then when you finally look up you have gone from your suburban home to an unknown location in the middle of the desert?  No?  Just me then?  Right.

I hope someone has a phone.  Is going to one heck of an uber fare from here I can tell you.

Outfit:  [Anny's Fashion] - Nikou Red and Slate Cardigan, Jeans & Top #RARE03 (Gacha Life)
Hair/Hat:  #Foxy - Rival Hair (Blondes)
Face Piercings:  Diamante - Arisen Piercing (Underdog Event)
Necklace:  .:Feral - Dino Digs Necklace (Underdog Event)
Pose:  Juxtapose - Disillusioned


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