Outdoor Dining


Some more goodies from Boardwalk and around today.  And, yes, this will be one of two posts.  The other will be fashion, so if you are an avid lover of either or both, you are all catered for here at Arya's Heart!

If you like neither, then why do you even read this blog?

Photo 1:

Salacity - Pick-a Nick Table and Accessories (Boardwalk). Great poses on the picnic table for solos and couples to drink, eat and canoodle!
Serenity Style- Wasp Wheelbarrow RARE (Man Cave).  Loads of cool colours to be collected.
Little Branch - Elm Shrub {Animated} 4 Seasons

Photo 2:
[CIRCA]  - Galloway's BBQ Set (Boardwalk).  Great poses for cooking, eating and just standing about.  Great meal options for you and your friends to enjoy!

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