Beach Bod Ready

I am beach bod ready and hanging out at the beach.  Why the handbag?  Well, a girl has to have something for essentials like snacks and sunscreen!  I think I have even got one of those towels that you grow by getting them damp.  Either that or I will just let the sun dry me off. 

Oh, and of course, I also have my bikini.  Now where to change?  Hmmm, behind the dunes perhaps.  Hey!  Look away!

Outfit and Shoes:  Emerald Couture - Skyler Outfit (#hashtag)
Earrings:  VALUXIA - Starfish Earrings (On9)
Glasses:  VALUXIA - Starfish Sunglasses (On9)
Bag:  VALUXIA - Starfish Wicker Bag (On9)
Hair:  Doe - Char - Indecisive (Fifty Linden Friday)
Necklace:  Cae :: Ximena :: Necklace (Saturday Sale)
Trees:  Little Branch - Sago Palm {Animated}*Mesh (Uber)
Photo Scene:  FOXCITY. - Photo Scene - Breezy (Saturday Sale)
Dunes:  Studio Skye - Beach Dunes


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